What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery is also called ophthalmic plastic surgery. It is a branch of ophthalmology that focuses on plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eye, eyebrows and skin around the eyes.

Who Needs Oculoplastic Surgery?

Oculoplastic surgery can treat a number of conditions, including:

  • Bulging eyes
  • Eyelid conditions such as droopy eyelids, heavy upper eyelids (ptosis), malposition, lesions and tumors
  • Eye socket (orbital) conditions such as tumors, infections, injuries and disease
  • Dry eye or excess tears
  • Skin cancer
  • Sun damage to the skin
  • Wrinkles

Oculoplastic Treatments

Oculoplastic surgery is appropriate for patients of all ages. Guthrie’s oculoplastic surgeon is highly trained and offers a number of treatments:

  • Blepharoplasty (removal of excess skin/tissue from the eyelid)
  • Ptosis (droopy eyelid) repair
  • Eyebrow lifts
  • Eyelid malposition (entropion/ectropion) repair
  • Eyelid lesion removal
  • Tear duct surgery (pediatric and adult)
  • Orbital surgery
  • Botox and fillers 

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